Welcome to The LBB

Welcome to The Little Black Book which has become affectionately known as The LBB.

Started by a couple of people interested in the Manchester punting scene some years ago it has flourished as the best known guide on the internet dedicated to the Massage Parlour/Sauna/Health Club Scene in and around the Greater Manchester Area.

The introduction of our forum a number of years ago, proved far more popular than ever anticipated and is now bustling with punters, massage parlours and working girls sharing information, news & gossip on the Manchester Parlour Scene and helping to build on an already healthy community.

As The LBB has grown, so has the necessity to expand into other areas. Whilst we will always focus on the Manchester and surrounding areas, our listings have also been changed to include Independent Ladies and also service providers from other areas.

We do hope that you find the listings informative and hope to see you over at the forum joining in with the discussions. We'd also take this opportunity to say thanks to both punters and service providers who have supported this site since it's humble beginnings.


by Adderz, Friday, 14 August 2009 12:36 Comments(0), Read all
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Monday Mischief :)

Treat yourself to some time with one of our stunning ladies at Manchester Elite today and you'll think all your christmas' have come at once !!!




by Manchester-elite, Monday, 05 December 2016 12:42 [ Read all ]
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