The truth about Arabesque and its owners

Following the death of a girl whilst working there...

Part of my distress or anger comes from the original post , it states that she's been unwell for a while so her death is not a result of a tragic accident yet she was working on Monday and rota'd for two more days this week

Now as anyone who has cared for or been involved with someone who has a disease such as cancer will be aware in the later stages the people involved become very weak and would certainly be unable to continue any job never mind one so physically demanding as hers, and to be honest I can't really see a young girl who is that ill wanting to go in to this type of job can you?? Yes there may have been reasons that she needed the money but thats where someone should have made that decision for her (a compassionate employer perhaps?) If you want to think of it another way how would you feel if you had seen her just prior to her death knowing that someone that ill was allowed to be on the premises let alone to go through with customers

As Livewire has stated people where aware she was ill and she must have had some symptoms so I have to ask WTF WAS SHE DOING WORKING IN THAT STATE !!!!!

The owners had to be aware that she was at least very ill and they let her work

Another question has be be what was the nature of her illness, I'm not being insensitive but it could make A HUGE DIFFERENCE TO A LARGE NUMBER OF PEOPLE depending what it was, and before those of you who never saw her get the wrong idea and think because they haven't been in that all may be fine, EVERYONE IN THIS SMALL WORLD OF OUR COULD BE PHYSICALY CONNECTED BY A MAX OF THREE OR FOUR LINKS

I have just be told that Arabs is open as usual but I'm sure the caring owners had a min silence while they had a cup of tea this morning out of respect though ( and lets think of the distress this must be causing them , after all they have to re-do the rota now)

On the plus side Arabs is £10 pound cheaper than most other places and if even a tenth of the rumors are true you have a better than fair chance of BB (or alternatively the girl may pass out and you can do whatever you like then as has been reported on here in the past) so I can see what would attract some people there

Of course we shouldn't make any assumptions just because a very young girl is dead and was allowed to work right up to that point and just because the branches are open today doesn't necessarily lead us to any conclusions in the same way that the pictures for the girls when they start there (young and very healthy looking) are constantly being criticised for being wildly inaccurate. Again we shouldn't assume that the deterioration that happens during the years they work there Might be completely unrelated and as a result of being unused to the shelter that they are lucky enough to have found.

It stinks and I'm being nice about it

hey guys,Ive just read through everything said about arabs and there alot of mixed replys so as an ex arabs girl myself thought id get my pennys worth in.
I worked at arabs bout 3yrs ago now could be longer(have no concept of time lol)i worked there for quite a while and i saw alot and heard alot about what went on.Rite yes janet knows exactly what goes on,she openly allowed girls to get out there heads on drink especially her favourites-ellie(rip babe),emma,stacey,lara,lisa,kelly and others i cant remember.There was many shifts i did when girls was out there heads on drink and drugs,falling about collapsing and talking rubbish,i remember 1 occasion when emma had alot of vodka and drugs and was a complete mess.She is known to be epileptic too and this day she over did it and started fitting or having convulsions from over doing it as i saw it and when she wanted to leave to go home was threatened with the sack if she left.I knew ellie and she was a lovely girl just stuck in a rutt with people pretending to care and help her when all along all janet and alf wanted was her money.I remember when ellie had an awful burn mark on her which was rotting,smelt and weeping but janet said nothing and allowed her to work.Im not saying its janets fault but she goes on saying she cares for girls and has there best interests when she never did.At the time i was there i was on someting myself(which i kicked a long time ago)and i got the impression this is the kind of girls they employ.I cant speak for now as ive not been near since i left but i can say it was not a nice place to work,janet and alf are fully aware of whats going on and they dont care aslong as they get there money.I also no that alf drives around the streets where street girls are looking to get them to work for them,and does things with them sexually in return for drug money and he also used to take girls to meet there dealers.I dont no if this is relevant info im just giving my side of what i knew and seen.Theres so much more but as i said its been a long time.I was also pestered constantly off regular customers of arabs whos been going for years for sex without which i no janet knows all about.Im sorry if ive offended anyone but im just telling the truth.My advice is dont go,visit somwhere else or save your money and have some diy .Dont mean to start anything just thought id tell what i no.Happy punting guys love4 brooke x x x x

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